Our Promise

We're changing so the climate doesn't have to.

Our Foundation​​​​​​​
From our inception, Brandbase has been completely dedicated to creating a legacy of innovation, developing products and services which are customer focused and help to cement our place as a focal part of the evolving global retail market.  However, we are acutely aware that with this ambition comes significant responsibility, and rather than ignore this challenge, we have decided that it is important to future-proof all our operations by working within a framework that is ultimately sustainable in the long-term.  

It is our fundamental belief that company growth and economic success are intertwined with finding sustainable solutions and we hope to create a model for other companies to enjoy environmentally conscious expansion and prosperity.​​​​​​​
What have we done so far?
As a team, we have re-evaluated our entire business chain, from sourcing, through to operations and product packaging.  It is obvious to all of us that minimising our impacts on global climate, whether this is through our physical product or our emissions, is vital.

We started in our immediate working environment, our offices and warehousing.  We have looked to make serious changes to our energy usage, revamping the lighting throughout to ensure efficiency is the priority, a move which has brought our consumption down by a massive 25%.  

We have implemented a rigorous recycling policy to ensure as little waste as possible leaves our premises destined for a landfill and actively encourage all members of our team to use Public Transport, car-share or to cycle to work in an attempt to reduce emissions and improve the health and well being of everyone in the Brandbase family.
Plastic pollution is one of the most damaging and immediately impactful climate problems, and we are working toward eliminating plastic completely from our products and work environment.  We have purchased a large-scale Carton shredder, to recycle any excess cardboard and waste and use it as protective packaging.  This significantly reduces our own waste and has replaced plastic bubble wrap in our outgoing packages.
In conjunction, we are working closely with suppliers to reduce the plastic in our products and where possible have revamped the packaging from non-recyclable printed cardboard to a plain brown recyclable box with a paper label.  ​​​​​​​
Modern consumers totally understand the requirements to think about our footprint on the world, and feedback on these changes has been overwhelmingly positive. ​​​​​​​
Our Future
The journey towards a fully sustainable future is going to be incredibly challenging, and Brandbase is at the beginning of a sustained transformation.  However, by placing sustainability at the centre of our operations we are laying the foundations for continuing success and responsible growth.  We are making a commitment to include this sustainable conscience in all our business decisions and to strive for a model with a net positive impact on our environment.
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